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  • All Regulars & Newbies read this.

    I've noticed a disturbing trend here in the forum lately and I think it's time to speak up about it. What I see happening is a newer member will post a strong opinion about something and some of our regulars will then either sarcastically or just plain nastily jump all over them for expressing said opinion. I'm not going to single out any particular members for doing this but if you think I'm talking about you then I probably am. If you disagree with what someone has posted then tell them so and why but whether they have 2,000 posts or just 2 shouldn't have any bearing on it. We have always welcomed new members to the GDF and for the most part avoided the clique mentality that is so prevalent in some other forums. Sometimes it still creeps out though and we need to stomp on it. Today's newbie is tomorrow's regular.

    Now newbies, you've just read something and it's just plain wrong and by god your gonna set somebody straight about it. So you go ahead and post your rebuttal full of well thought out points and justifications. But others still disagree with you and you think "but I'm right dam it, admit it!!!!" Welcome to the world of online forums. Don't be afraid to express your opinion, we welcome it. But remember that there is a huge difference between "truth" and "opinion" If you don't sway everyone to your particular opinion then let it go, agree to disagree, move along, because if you continue to pound on it you will just end up getting pissed off and leaving in a snit and that's not good. Treat members who have been here a long time with respect and they should and will treat you with respect.

    It all comes down to our forum creed, BE NICE. It can't always happen but the times when we are forced to not be nice need to be really justified.

    Thank You.





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