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  • Lets keep it PG rated

    I've noticed some threads are getting a bit too R rated for this corporate sponsored and public forum. We like to have fun and flirting and sexual innuendos have always been part of the GDF but lets just keep them that, innuendos, we are starting to go over the line more and more often :cough: oyster thread :cough:

    We would much rather have our members self moderate themselves than have to monitor every post. Just ask yourself before posting a risque comment if it is something you would want your young son/daughter/niece/nephew to read.

    One that personally bothers me is the Caturday thread. That thread is one of the funniest on the board but I can't really show it to my grand daughters, who love cats and would really enjoy it because of all the F bombs and masturbation references.

    If we have to get strict about this we will but I hope we can all have fun without getting nasty.

    Your friendly moderator, Kool.

    P.S. I hope everybody understands that I don't mean to turn the GDF into the disney channel version. We have always had our naughty side and it is the reason a lot of you stayed around here in the first place, we need it. Lets just say on the naughty scale from 1 to 10 we have been at around an 8 the last month or so. Lets dial it back to about 5 or 6 and it will be cool.
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