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  • Keep it Clean 2008

    Well it seems like it's time again for my annual "This is a family friendly corporate forum" post. Things are starting to get out of hand again as far as sexual references and innuendos invading every thread. As usual I won't name any names, if you think you are guilty of this then you probably are. Hopefully, as in the past, I will be able to rely on our usually upstanding members and mods to self moderate themselves in this matter. If not we will have to resort to more draconian measures. A simple way to judge if that witty but naughty comment you are about to post is appropriate is to ask yourself if you would want your 13 year old child, niece or nephew to read it.

    Along the same vein, can we keep the flirty interchanges down to about 1/4 of what they are currently. While entertaining to those involved they get pretty tedious to everyone else when they take over thread after thread after thread.

    Thank you,

    Your friendly moderator,

    PS This thread will be copied to the general forum so discussions and the inevitable barbs at me can be posted.





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