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  • Welcome and Forum Rules, FAQ

    Welcome to the best graphic design related forum on the net!

    Here at the GDF we welcome members from all walks of life, all parts of the world, and with all levels of experience. This is a "mecca" for designers of all sorts€ a place to learn, to share, and to grow.

    If you haven't registered yet, please feel free to do so, and then go to the "Introductions" section and introduce yourself. We€™re always happy to meet others who share our love for design.


    Threads in this forum always rank very highly in various search engines. That means that anything that you post here can and will come up in a Google search.

    If you register using your real name or if you post your (full name, company name, client's company name) and then go on a full-blown rant or otherwise do something to embarrass yourself, there's a good chance that your boss, your client, your significant other, or whoever else you DON'T want seeing it will stumble across it at some point.

    It is against forum policy to delete threads after they have replies,

    As stated in our Acceptable Use Policy, by using this forum, you authorize WebMediaBrands to continue to display your contributions to the site. We will not delete your posts and threads.



    1. Do not advertise here. ONE discreet link to your Graphic design portfolio in your signature is acceptable, but blatant advertising and commercial links are not. (This includes posting referral links and links to other forums.) Please see this thread for more information about signatures.

    Advertising in private messages is also not allowed. (If anyone receives any spam advertising in a private message, please click the small triangular red and white icon in the upper right side of the PM header bar. This will alert the admin and moderators so we can take care of it.)

    2. Be civil. Do not attack people personally. On the net, this is called €œflaming.€ Posts should advance the discussion and, while it€™s OK for the discussion to get heated, the heat should be directed towards the issues, not towards other members. See our GDF Code of Conduct for more information.

    3. This is a professional forum. Therefore, we will not tolerate discussion of illegal activities on these boards, including, but not limited to, pirated software or how to steal fonts.

    4. Do not request free work here. Graphic design is how we earn a living. If you ask us to work for free, your thread will be deleted, and you will be banned. And we'll probably laugh at you.

    5. You will, if asked by a representative of the forums, cease posting any content and/or links that are deemed offensive, objectionable, in violation of the forum rules, or in poor taste by the staff of the forums. Failure to do so will result in a temporary or permanent suspension.

    6. Do not disrupt a forum by deliberately posting repeated irrelevant messages or posting the same question in multiple areas of the forum (also known as "flooding"). It makes things confusing and unorganized. Most regular members find new threads by clicking the "New Posts" link at the top of the page, so they will find your thread easily even if it is not in a part of the forum that they frequent. There is no need to post things more than once.

    7. Discussions about pricing are not allowed. This thread explains why.

    8. Do not take someone else's work that has been posted for critique and "redo" it for them. We encourage members to offer suggestions to improve a piece, and if the point that you are trying to make is difficult to explain a quick sketch might help to illustrate your point, but posting your own "alternate" design is not going to help another member learn anything. Even if your intention was to be helpful, the original poster may be offended that you did the work "for" them. Sharing your thoughts in your own words allows the original poster to interpret your ideas according to their own style and tastes and the work remains their own creation.

    9. Do not post someone else's design for critique. It is our policy to only allow critiques of work posted by the original artist. The critiquing process is almost as personal of an interaction between the artist and their peers as it is between the artist and client. Do not post someone else's design for critique. (The major exception to this rule is when a major company or corporation has a publicly announced branding or rebranding such as the recent ones for the 2012 Olympics, Quark and AT&T. These are fair game.)

    10. If you post anything (text, links, or designs) that include nudity, vulgar language, sexual themes, or otherwise potentially offensive material, please label it "NSFW" ("not safe for work"). This serves as a warning to others that if your images are not something you would want your boss to see over your shoulder - or in the case of someone working from home, they are not appropriate for small children. If the images are included directly in the post, please include "NSFW" in the thread title.

    11. Do not re-post your blog entries in the forum. You may post a discrete link to your non-commercial blog in your signature if you wish.

    FORUM NETIQUETTE - informal rules of online behavior here at GDF

    1. Search First! We welcome your questions and we have members here with expertise in all areas of the industry. There IS, however, a good chance that your question has been asked and answered before. (Note: "google" can be your friend!) Please take a minute and do a quick forum search before posting. Check out our Frequently Discussed Topics thread and have a quick look at the stickies in the "Resources" section. If you don't find what you're looking for then feel free to ask away!

    2. Be specific in your post to help us to help you by giving as detailed a description of your problem as possible, and be sure and include what program, platform and operating system you are using. Try to be patient (especially on weekends!) as members check in from all different time zones, and at all hours of the day.

    3. Share! If you discover an answer to an issue, post the solution you found for others instead of just posting "Never mind, I fixed it".

    4. When starting a new thread, use a descriptive SUBJECT line. "Need help with font defaulting" is good. "Please Help" is not. The more specific and descriptive your subject line is, the better - since our forum posts are indexed by large search engines and more people will be able to find your post!

    5. PLEASE DO NOT POST IN ALL CAPS. It€™s the equivalent of shouting.

    6. Try to use proper English. Posts full of poor spelling, no punctuation, grammar, and constant "chatspeak" (ie: "U" for "you", "4" for "for", etc) make a post very difficult to read. An occasional 'LOL', or 'OMG' is ok as long as it doesn't get out of hand. Regular posters do not want to have to decipher every post that comes their way. This is a professional forum and you will be taken more seriously if you present yourself professionally.

    Please understand that our intention is not to make your time here any less enjoyable. We're just trying to keep the forums organized and easy to use. Enjoy your stay at the GDF!
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    "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot

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    (Note: for information about how to use forum features like avatars, signatures, custom user titles, private messaging, etc... please check HERE)

    Question: Where can I advertise or sell my business, services, dog, blog, baseball cards, software, pants, etc...?

    Answer: Posting advertisements is not allowed on this forum AT ALL - posts will be deleted and users will be suspended.

    Question: I didn't realize that those rants that I posted on the forum about my boss/client would turn up in a Google search! Who do I need to talk to about changing my user name or deleting my account?

    Answer: As stated in our Acceptable Use Policy, by using this forum, you authorize WebMediaBrands to continue display your contributions to the site. We can not and will not delete your account or posts, and we also can not change your user name. If, for some reason, you need to use a different user name, you must register a new account. Members are only allowed to have one account, so if you do decide to change your user name, please notify a moderator to deactivate the old account.

    Question: May I add a personal link to my signature?

    Answer: Yes, but the link must be discreet and it can not be a link to a commercial site or to another forum/community. Forum signatures are not enabled until you have a few posts on the boards. For more information, see this thread.

    Question: How much should I charge for...

    Answer: It is against the rules of this forum to discuss pricing. For more information, please review this thread. We do have some tips on how to come up with your own pricing available. Please see our Frequently Discussed Topics thread.

    Question: What are the limitations as to subject matter I can post here?

    Answer: It's pretty much wide open. The CNSFW (content not safe for work) is the place to post things that you wouldn't want the boss see over your shoulder. The Off Topic section is the place for pretty much any non-design conversation. We have had some pretty strange discussions in there.

    Please bear in mind that we have a few members as young as 13 years old. We like think of our forum as a pretty classy place so anything really sleazy or hateful will get removed. The forum "censor thingy" will automatically replace most of the worst swear words.

    Question: I posted a new thread but it isn't showing up on the board! What's going on?

    Answer: In an effort to control spam postings - and we get lots of them - the first few posts of each member must be approved by a moderator before they appear on the board. Posts containing advertisements, requests for free work, or offensive materials will be deleted. If your thread meets the forum guidelines for acceptable postings but does not immediately appear on the boards, please be patient; moderators are volunteers and even we have to sleep.

    Question: Why can't I edit my post?

    Answer: The forum software only allows post editing for an hour after you post. After that point, you can't go back and change what you wrote.

    Question: What type of degree do I need to be successful in this field?

    Answer: While a degree is certainly helpful in any line of work, it is not necessarily "required" for a job in graphic design. This does not mean that design is "easy" or that anyone with a computer can easily become a designer. While some designers are successfully self-taught, it is a lot easier to learn in a structured environment with mentors who can tell you that something is good or bad and why. Having real assignments with real deadlines and real grades makes it a lot more likely that you will follow through on projects and training than teaching yourself. You need to be very disciplined to teach yourself a trade. Also, a degree does open some doors that are otherwise closed.

    While knowledge of design concepts like color theory, typography, and layout are essential, your experience and portfolio are often given more weight than your degree. Please see the related links in our Frequently Discussed Topics thread.

    Question: What is the best school to go to for graphic design?

    Answer: This is a subjective question. Any school that teaches the basics listed above should be sufficient.

    We recommend that you read over this thread to help you make a decision:
    What to look for when selecting a GD college program.

    Question: How can I build my portfolio?

    Answer: Portfolio pieces can include any work you have done, whether for school, freelance clients, a job, or even work done in your free time just to showcase your talents (you can use our Design Challenge projects, too). We would recommend that you avoid "spec work", which you can read about here: Another option is to volunteer to provide design services for a charity that you support.

    For more information about portfolios or about spec work, please see our Frequently Discussed Topics thread.

    Question: Which is better, mac or pc?

    Answer: Both have their uses in graphic design. While Macs have traditionally been considered "THE" tool for graphic design, either system is acceptable in the industry these days. It’s not which system you use, so much as how you use it. The quality of our work is NOT defined by our hardware. Mac vs. PC debates have really been done to death and are not well received.

    Question: What are these little smiley faces for?

    Answer: The very nature of a forum is to communicate through writing, and bare words can sometimes be taken the wrong way. The emoticons (smilies) can help to express the thoughts we are trying to convey and to prevent any potential misunderstandings.

    A simple example: if I were to post the comment "I love HTML." you could take it a few different ways. HOWEVER, the smilies allow me to make sure that everyone who reads my post knows exactly what I mean, like this:

    I love HTML. <- here, I really DO love HTML.

    I love HTML <- here, I'm being sarcastic.

    After all, you can't "read" someone's tone of voice, so it is wise to try to be clear about what you mean.

    Question: What does "pancake" mean?

    Answer: "Pancake" is the word that was automatically substituted by our old forum software in place of a certain versatile four-letter swearword. It is still used today (although it has to be typed in manually) to keep the tradition alive. Actually, there are lots of odd "inside jokes" that have developed here over the years... and most of them are explained in this thread: so, can someone explain...

    Question: What is the best website ever?

    Answer: Anything is possible at zombo.

    Question: Can somebody identify this font?

    Answer: Before you post a font for identification, please check out and to see if you can find it by using their free resources.

    Question: Who is in charge here?

    Answer: Kool is the forum administrator.
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    "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot






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