3D Shading in Adobe Illustrator?

… can someone recommend Freeform Gradient Tool tutorials similar to the next youtube links (the forum bot dont allows me to post links as newbie so parse them manually) but for shading 3D Objects in Illustrator?


Till now I was using Vectorization of OBJ files and then masking them in Inkscape (see the example bellow) but would like to see now
1. how will go shading of 3d Objects in Illustrator!,
also 2. is there now some pipeline of 3d Objects between Photoshop and Illustrator,
3. and/or how eventually that can crossover with GoZ or Modo!?

It would be ideal if Adobe put some effort in importing 3d models in its native apps, altho that would mean completely reweighting the architecture so eg. vector manipulation would be quickly achieved, maybe some better tracing and shading engine could do the job to, so would be achieved similar result as the image above … forgot to add the main obj look so here is it …

In essence this kind of complexity can be achieved with their current 3d engine which has own limits (archive . is / 1HGpL) but even as such it can come handy for fast GoZ pipeline between Photoshop and Zbrush!, not sure just how the same can be wired to Illustrator at all as forth and back process for texturing if not else so would be achieved more organic shading with the Freeform Gradient Tool!?