Are desktops preferred to all-in-one PCs?

Thanks, I’m looking at the desktops right now. All the crazy components, acronyms, and numbers are overwhelming.

I laid one out for you earlier.

Concentrate on
RAM 32gb minimum.

Processor - i7 or i9 (intel) or AMD RYZEN 7 or 9
Graphics Cards - Nvidia GTX or AMD

This site ranks all the Processors
Mobile Processors - Benchmark List - Tech?

Select Desktop only

And hit the restrict button

That will then list all the processors in order of current Benchmarking trends.
So you can easily see if your processor is in the top 10 or really bad.

Graphics Cards
Mobile Graphics Cards - Benchmark List - Tech?

You can do the same here

Yes I was going to get minimum of 32 RAM. This is good to know, but when I went to several sites, and I try to build a custom one, there are layers and layers of pages with components and numbers and acronyms.
By the way, is there something like that for Audio card ranking?
But anyway, I may decide to go with a local PC builder business. Will be speaking with them.

For sound cards - you probably need to rely on maybe customer rating ranking on Amazon or something - i’m not an audiophile so i can’t say.

Would it matter for music vs movie editng? I don’t know the difference. I’m tone deaf.

For processors stick to the top 20
For graphics cards stick to the top 20
RAM 32gb or more

This is another good site


If you are in about the top 20 it’s great
Obviously the closer to 1 the better it is overall.

You can also test if there are bottlenecks
Put in the components and it can make recommendations on what to change
or if there are no problems at all.

I can help you with it.
Just drop a few links of PCs you’re looking at and I can check them out.
Or someone will, hopefully.

Why do you need a special audio card? Do you need the features they’re meant to address? What’s the point?

Are you after stellar-quality sound output? if so, you’ll need some equally impressive speakers, as in several thousand more dollars, and possibly a good amplifier to run those speakers.

Will you be making professional audio recordings, as in extremely high-quality music recordings, and will the audio card somehow help facilitate that? From everything you’ve written, I’m really doubting that you need anything other than what comes with the computer, plus a good set of over-the-ear headphones.

Yes, I want to work not with the super high-end studio gear that costs like a car, but with the mid to top level. Yes, I will work with music, audio recording, and I want that music to be high end. I haven’t even chosen the site that will built my PC. I spent too much time yesterday on several of those builder sites that are ranked the highest for Best Websites for PC building… and it was overwhelming with complexities to go to each of those sites and try to build a PC… And those rainbow blinking light PCs are starting to get on my nerves too. If I am looking for pro audio PC, then obviously I wouldn’t want a bunch of fans to be blowing and making noise because it will intervene with the recording… Maybe I have to consult with the audio forums as well, and see what they have to say; but I definitely want only one PC for everything that I do. I will likely opt out of studio sound monitors and go for pro studio headphones. I have actually heard an interview of a musician who does the same thing… So, right now I will hold on for a little, and I may even go to check out a local PC building business here where I live.

Other people seem to be covering the computer specs well, but on the topic of fans and cooling again, if you’re going to be doing audio recording and video rendering on the same box, see if you can find an option with fan controls. There should be options for both external and internal controls, so you can turn the fans on high when you’re rendering and the box is getting hot, and turn them down when you need it to be quiet.

That being said, the local business might be the right route for you - they should know what you’re talking about and how to get you the best box for your needs. When in doubt, talk to a pro.

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