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I’ve putted on my heavy sweater and I am looking for critiques and feedback on my portfolio.
Thank you!

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Okay, since you were brave enough to post your work for feedback, I’ll offer some thoughts.

Let me preface this by saying that my comments are not meant to be inflammatory, they are meant to help you along in your career and to build the best portfolio you can.

The general rule of thumb is that you should only show your very best work. You’ll be remembered for your weakest piece – not your strongest. My immediate suggestion would be to trim down what you’re showing and clean up the presentation.

A Cena Lenta – I could nit pick on the typography, but overall, this is a decent, modern layout. Keep this one. Move the description to the top of the page.

Nomadismos – I really like the color and texture, good job. But, the presentation brings it down (no need to show four title pages; no need to show crop marks, color bars, etc.). Make this presentation look similar to the A Cena Lenta, and put the description at the top of the page.

Thumbnails – You say they’re a big part of you, and that’s fine. But I don’t think they’ll necessarily speak to a potential client or employer.

Ananda Kiirtana – You do a good job presenting a case study here with the description, the photo of the chapel, the sketch, and the finished project. Unfortunately, I don’t think the logo is as strong as it could be. My suggestion would be that you take some more time and really flesh this one out. It could be the highlight of your portfolio.

Reliquias Caseiras – This is one of your stronger pieces. The description is a little tough to read on the wood background.

Tropi Cana – Another one of your stronger pieces.

Manga com Leite – You’re showing conceptual thinking, which is nice, but the illustration style isn’t resonating with me. You have this sort of hand-sketched looking type combined with flat colors and very vector-looking line art. What’s causing the liquid to splash out of the glass? Inserting a needle into the drink won’t cause the liquid to splash out like that. I’d spend more time working on this and try to distill it down to the minimum.

Mu? – Again, the illustration style isn’t really resonating with me. Maybe everyone else loves it and it’s a matter of personal taste.

On the portfolio itself, trim what you have, make sure you’re only showing the best of the best, and strive for greater consistency in the way your present the individual pieces.

In terms of your design skillset, I’d concentrate on your typography.

I hope that helps.


Great job getting out there and seeking critique.

I’ll agree with Steve on his points, and also add that I see a lot more life in your sketches than in your final representations in vector.

Case(s) in point: Ananda Kiirtana and “Mu”. Both times the sketches you show really seem stronger conceptually and just have a lot more personality than what you ended up creating for the final file. I think you should spend some time finding out how to get your vector talent on the same level as your pencil-and-paper talent.

Your work is very fun and vibrant, you have a little ways to go but you are really going somewhere.

Thanks for sharing your work with us!

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Steve_O you are awesome! Thank you : )

I did a few tweaks around like you told.

A Cena Lenta: putted description on top.

Nomadismos: Putted description on top, removed 2 of the titles, and took out the print info of the cover. I left the info on the titles though since it helps to look more like a inside peek of the book.

Ananda Kiirtana: Thank you for the honest feedback. I am not taking it out of the folio but I am definitely putting more thought into it.

Reliquias Caseiras: Add a opac background for the reading.

Tropi Cana: Thanks!

Manga com Leite: Unpublished until further notice.

Mu?: I understand what you are saying and I am going to pair with what grady gave me as a feedback.

I highly appreciate you taking your time to post this, I am consistently looking to evolve and honest feedbacks like yours do help a lot. Wish you all the best! :heart:

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Thanks for the feedback Grady!

And I totally agree with you. Every time that I start a new project it begins on paper. I draw, I paint and I imaginate. It is honestly one of the reasons why I created the thumbnail collection. This “translation” to other mediums is what I have been discovering for these past years, and it’s taking me time but I can feel it getting, like you said, somewhere.
Reading your feedback gives me hope and courage to keep on going.
So thank you too! :heart:

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ps: for mu I changed the cover (its more in league with the cover from ananda) and took it out the “Mu?” from all of my Step by Step and left it only for the final image.

Excellent! Critique and encouragement is what community is all about.

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