Blockchain for the Graphic Design Industry

PrintDriver, I hear you about being careful and not rushing to relinquish control over to machines. In many ways we are already being controlled by machines. All I’m talking about on this thread is taking back some of that control by deciding what the machines will do for us before the machines decide what we will do for them.

It’s a matter of time before your car will be a better driver than you. It’s also a matter of time before you’re computer will be better at reading and verifying the fine print than you.

I’m all for a car that will drive me to work while I take a nap, whilst keeping other drivers in their own highway lane.
Other than that, yeah…I’ll keep reading the fine print.

I can think of no technological “advancement” that worries me more than having millions of computer-driven, 3,000-lb vehicles piloting themselves down the world’s highways at freeway speeds.

Even if my skepticism is misplaced and it turns out to be technologically possible without gigantic catastrophes from hacks and computer failures, I’m planning on driving myself to where I need to go for the simple reason that driving is a whole lot more fun than just sitting there.

I imagine that the fine print of smart contracts will be written in a language that’s more understandable to computers than humans. You’ll just have to trust your computer to translate the code to plain English accurately. It won’t be too different from having to trust your lawyer to translate lawyerspeak to layman’s terms.

The opportunity for us graphic designers is to decide the terms of what will be in those smart contracts before some other profession gets to decide for us. If we don’t, then we might be looking at high fees just to use those smart contracts that may benefit some other profession more than it benefits us. Either way, those smart contracts might be the price of admission just to get the job.

A very exciting time for the design industry- Most blockchain companies have amazing branding and marketing.

My agency have begun working with a number of blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, you can view our portfolio here: LINK REMOVED

It seems like the design industry has already had a great effect on the blockchain industry, so it will be interesting to see what effect the blockchain community will have on the design industry.

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