Can share product Images?


I need some pictures of products to practice clipping path, background removal, etc. I have no camera so I can’t click on products. Any products photo would be great. Can any one help?

note: I am looking for free images.

Have you tried googling images?
You can use the advanced tools on google image search to search for “royalty free for commercial use” . Optionally, another site for free photos is


Pexels has a great selection of products.

Anywhere online, if it’s just for practice. Don’t put em in your portfolio.

Thanks for your reply. But if I want to give them on my portfolio, from where to collect High Resolution images?

Thanks. I just signed up on pixabay. Yes I found great images there.

After edit, can I add those pictures on my portfolio or website?

Thanks you Leader RedKittieKat. I always found you very helpful on my all posts.

For pexel. can I edit and put them on my portfolio or website?

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There are a lot of free for use pics on there. You just need to read each license set up by each photographer as to what you can do in a professional manner with the image. :slight_smile: Some are free for any use … others are free with attribution and others can’t be used professionally. You just need to read through them. :slight_smile:

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One of the options on Google images advanced search is to choose the resolution / height and pixel width of the images as well.

Yes you can.

You can use images from

All One Big Advertisement :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why does that look like an ad to me? Surely you aren’t suggesting they use those to practice clipping? They’re already clipped.

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Just a heads up for anyone at work.
Don’t click that link above

hey it’s a typo, sorry, I’m deleting it. It’s supposed to be freepik with a K at the end (work friendly)

oooh, yeah, did that by mistake once. Luckily not at work in the office…! Made the sidebar ads interesting for a while.

You can use images from Canva, pexels, Pixabay for your best practice.

Yes u can share picture anywhere uu want i created my own website to share my pics and sorted on pages like LINKS REMOVED