Colours to use in a print shop branding project?

Hi everyone,

I’m new here.
I just want t hear your ideas about the colours and shapes to use in a print shop branding project.
The shop’s target audience is mainly students.
Please mention your ideas.

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First, what have you come up with, otherwise you’re more than welcome to hire one of us for our ideas!

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I’m new to this field.That’s why I’m looking for some ideas to create a better result.I thought I could use a blue colour scheme and some curved shapes.What about that?

You should put some of your own ideas together and then you can post them in the Crit Pit for critique. Coming up with the concepts is your job.

  • Define a persona or avatar for the client’s customer.
  • Create a mood board to reflect the persona’s taste.
  • Market research into competitor’s branding.
  • Spend a week sketching concepts.
  • Narrow the concepts down to the best 15 to 20.
  • Post those sketches here for feedback.
  • Based on feedback, select the 10 strongest options to build in AI.
  • Post those logos here for feedback.
  • Narrow it down to 3 to 4 solid concepts to show the client.
  • Create a presentation that shows each logo in color and black and white as well as showing the logo applied to a variety of marketing materials such as a business card, a brochure, an avatar or a trade display.
  • Pitch the concepts to the client with the confidence that you’ve done your homework and are presenting rock solid options, that will compete favorably in the marketplace, that will accurately represent your client, and that will server your client well for years to come.

Okay I get it.Thanks for your responses.

Saw you posted this on another forum too - and you pretty much got the same response.

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