Design Feedback

Hi fellow web designers!

I have my first assessment in creating an interface design and one of the tasks is to collect feedback from the community. Whether it is suggestions on the hierarchy, typography, unity, texture, shapes, placement and colour schemes, any constructive criticism will be much appreciated!

The website is for a men’s clothing retailer. The goal is to expose the label to the online community, the physical stores location and what products are available.

Thanks in advance guys!!

well it’s okay
i can’t help you here to achieve a better design… i’m not at that stage yet
i can only feel if something looks good or not, and, well it’s not really impressive
try pinterest, dribbble, google, behance - spent some time browsing and looking for inspiration
create a moodboard (or how they call it) based on what feels “right” for the company
try a color scheme from colorlovers or adobe

well maybe you did this already… however if you can’t find the “right” source of inspiration search more

  • All of your items need more white space around them.
  • Big information hierarchy issues are here. The navigation and voucher line are the same size, but they are not equally important. Importance typically goes top to bottom, big to small.
  • The company’s tagline is competing with the logo.
  • How many colors are you using? I see black (header), yellow (logo), red (email registration), teal (refine search), and blue (social media buttons). Are these all brand colors?
  • The words “refine search” are in bold, but nothing else in the header is. I think you could go without.
  • You have two “submit” buttons on this refine search and the email submission bar. Can the red bar be closed?
  • Is the yellow font on the homepage a bold version of the font used in the navigation? Do you use this typeface anywhere else on the site?

Thanks guys!

Your feedback is very appreciated.

Thanks for sharing it!

Hi, it’s a good design but my suggestion to change the font and space on header section which is more clumsy.


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