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Does anyone here have experience setting up email signatures in Gmail?

I have a client that is looking for me to set up a Gmail signature template with:

Cell # (clickable to dial)
Office # (clickable to dial)
Logo (linked to URL)

If you have specific experience with this, I’d just as soon turn the project over.

The client would want to be able to update themselves for future employees. I don’t know if there is a corporate template that would apply to all associated email addresses and be customizable or if it’s a matter of setting up a new signature for each new employee.

Again, I’d prefer someone that has some experience with this. Let me know if you’re interested.

Hi, I know how to do this, but as far as templates go… I have just copied and pasted the signature from one email to another.

Is that ok?


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Hi, I also have some experience setting up email signatures for gmail. In the past I have just written the html code and sent the client the link of how to copy and paste the code into their account.

Let me know if I can be of service.

~ Jodi
Creative Spark Marketing

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Solved. Thanks for looking.

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