File sharing with a team

The designers that make me use google are generally the same ones that don’t supply bleed in their files, so ya, extra boxes…not happening, LOL!
And that’s for downloads. Sharing does require an account, I’m pretty sure.

Though I think for sheer awkwardness, Adobe Cloud takes the cake. Maybe my brain was being stupid that day, but it required a heck of a lot of gymnastics to sync a client’s files over to my Adobe account and get them to download. Again, not knowing what boxes to check may have been part of that. It’s only happened once though, and that was well over a year ago. So maybe that was an outlier.

Yeah, uploading files to Google Drive, which is a precursor to sharing those files, does require a Google account.

I’ve never used my Adobe, Microsoft, Samsung, or iCloud space for much of anything. For that matter, I never quite realized I had all that cloud storage space available until I tallied it all up just now. And that’s in addition to Dropbox and Box, which I also sometimes use to sync files.

I have a dropbox account with a load of storage. When Dropbox launched they were doing a ‘share and get free storage’ - so I shared on my social media (which I don’t have any more) and across several forums and I got a lot of free storage.

20.3gb of storage it tells me.
I’'ve a lot of things backed up but no idea what any of it is.

No idea why I keep it.