First work

thumb_sipher 2o

Please can someone explain how to make logo like this. Especially those volume. If not difficult, I would like to understand how this logo is made completely. I’m just a beginner and learning. Can it be done in illustrator?

It can be done in illustrator.

Takes practice.

That’s fairly ambitious for a first project. Look at gradients and embossing / debossing for this kind of 3D emulation. Look into 3D and bump mapping, but that is a way down the track if you haven’t even mastered Bézier curve drawing yet. Before you can run, learn to walk. Master the pen tool and drawing the flat version in black and white.

I’m not quite sure how you can make Illustrator be so inconsistent with the inner shadows. The light source on that example is all over the place.
And the ferruled edge of the coin is a little off perspective.
But yes, it can be done in Illustrator.

I found a larger version of it. My guess is that it was built in a vector program, like Illustrator, then touched up with some organic-looking textures in an image editor. There might also be a 3D program involved in its creation, but it’s hard to say.

However it was built, it would be far too difficult to explain a step-by-step path to recreating it here. And it’s certainly not an example of something a beginner should try to tackle. When starting out with Illustrator (or almost anything), learning the basics before moving on to the more complicated stuff usually works best.

  1. Use Illustrator’s basic tools to create the flat art (flat art meaning round art without the perspective).

  2. Add perspective, dimension in pattern, and ribbed edge.

  3. Bring it into Photoshop to add the texture effect.

Way too time consuming to tell you step-by-step, but, assuming you have basic competencies in the major Adobe CC apps, this should point you in the right direction.