Font ID Please

This is for a logo and maybe brochure headers - some kind of Didone but with mad ligatures. This is oddly familiar but I have looked everywhere.


There’s another request for a fontname on the forum. In that thread some websites are mentioned where you can upload your image with the text in the font to search a font. Maybe that could help you?

I know about the other threads - I have looked on the suggested websites and have had no luck. I was hoping someone here might recognise this font.

Doesn’t look familiar to me.

Have you tried the detection tool on fontsquirrel? Its worked for me a few times or atleast found me similar enough fonts. I would link it but I’m new here and not sure of external link rules yet.

I believe this is based off of FoglihtenNo07

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It is indeed, indeed it is :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The ‘c’ needed a bit of work but otherwise that is the font.

BTW I have never seen so many ligature options in one typeface :nerd_face:

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It’s been solved :slight_smile:

And we also have a sticky in this forum of all those types of sites.

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