Full Time Position in Toronto

We have an opportunity for a Graphic Designer to work closely with our VP, Marketing. We need someone who wants to design visuals that can stand alone or enhance the effectiveness of online and offline B2B marketing initiatives for a Healthcare technology solution that makes a difference. Check out the link for more info: Job Ad

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We don’t comment in classifieds, however we need some clarification. Is this a paying “Full Time Position”? You have a full list of requirements but no mention of salary/wages

What’s in it for you?

Exposure. You want to be the exclusive graphic designer on a marketing team at a smaller company where you can touch, build and contribute to a range of projects. From longer pieces such as our full website redesign to daily work conceptualizing and designing on-brand graphics for marketing decks. From ad-hoc graphics for sales collateral to signage and social media. You want to work on graphic design for digital, paper and large format mediums.

A small company that makes a big difference. This is a solution that ultimately improves how individuals experience timely, personalized healthcare through the exchange of that data. As an established company, our process, our people, and our offering set everyone here up for success.

So please clarify this is a paying job or it’s not allowed. If it’s just exposure … that don’t pay the bills and you can die from too much of it :wink:


Yes it is a full salaried position!
Salary is discussed during the interview process and depends on the candidates experience and salary expectations.


Thanks for clarifying LiaTM :slight_smile:

It’s all good :slight_smile:

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