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Hello forum! :slight_smile:
I am a graphic designer that likes to game as a hobby (rpgs and fps mostly) and I am travelling Canada under a Working Holiday Visa. That being said, I left my desktop back at home and now I am in need of a proper laptop to keep on working here. However most of the laptops that Ive seen that have a decent gpu (GTX1050ti) also have a terrible screen!
Does anyone have a good recommendation that is not the Dell XPS 15? Apparently it has real issues with heating, and is slightly above my budget (~1500CAD).

@carol_sama I cannot really advise you on laptops, but I’d skip HP completely if I were you. I’ve had two pretty expensive HP laptops before and their fan is very loud and still the laptop can become so hot you cannot even touch the top of your laptop anymore (on the side of the monitor). After bought two times an HP with this problem I never buy HP again for laptops.

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Thank you for your feedback!

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