Graphic designer with Customer Support skills?

Hi community,

I’m Daniel.

I currently work for a startup based in New York, Chatdesk. Our mission is to create jobs. I’m in charge of recruiting freelancer customer support agents across the Us with specific skills in diverse industries. In this case, we’re looking for Graphic Design lovers and enthusiasts to help to respond to social media tickets for one of our customers within the printing/design industry.

This role fits as a part-time position since our agent can choose their own schedule and they will earn based on the amount of tickets/messages they work on.

I know this might be annoying, but I’m trying to be hustle and deliver to the company that has trusted me. Hope you can take the time to read and contemplate this opportunity.

This is just a way to help Design Lover and enthusiasts such as yourself with any questions they might have and generate an extra income by doing so.

My company is Chatdesk. please, feel free to check what we do. If any of you is interesting in this opportunity, please reply to this post so we can discuss it further.

Thank you, and happy new year!



Moved to the classifieds.

We don’t discuss business transactions in open forum.

This will close soon and you did not leave an email where you can be contacted. You are brand new and wouldn’t be allowed to use the messaging system for a while.

Please leave an email. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

If anyone is interested, shoot us an email at recruiting @ chatdesk. com

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