Graphics for speedway manager game

few years ago I’ve created speedway manager game (speedwayrulez). There aren’t any images/vectors on this site at all. I’d like to bring life to this project. It doesn’t look like a game but I think it should.

I need some vectors but couldn’t find any vectors about speedway on the internet. What do I need for sure is vector of speedway bike (8 color versions). We have bikes from level 1 to level 8 but I think we will give them names.

If you are interested you can check my website and send me an offer. I think there are more things to do like speedway stadium (in this game player can build seating places) .

If you think I should rebuild this game completely and you can create new layout please send me your ideas an tell how much would it cost. Most of users use mobile and we don’t have app on android or ios so maybe you can create visualization for the app?


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