Help with exporting (I use inkscape btw)

If you need ppi, dpi for this, yer doing it wrong

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No, I never did, that’s why I was confused about it. But I am curious what format is better for tshirr printing?

It’s best to keep it in a vector format, but depending on the screen printer, they might not accept native Inkscape files. Can you save it to .ai (Illustrator) or, if that fails, .esp?

That said, it sounds like you’re something of a beginner, and not all vector images are suitable for printing. Are you familiar with spot colors (Pantone)? Or are you using RGB or CMYK? Are you using gradients or transparencies?

It depends on the method. Silk screeners will want spot colors (inks) separated to “plates” (screens) — vectors, ideally.

Online, on-merchandise printers typically print direct-to-garment (DTG), and have adopted high-resolution .png as their transparency-supporting raster image format of choice, but still here — vectors, if possible.

If you are printing DTG you can pretty much print anything you want.
However, if the t-shirt isn’t white, the art may have to be underspotted with white first, which can lead to production issues. It’s transparency and intricacy that is the issue there. Not so much vector/raster.

Ok thank you. I thought so but I wanted to be sure. It’s DTG.

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