Hey guys, I’m working on some project I need ideas on text arrangement. Thanks in advance.

The short answer is … That’s your job my friend :wink:

The longer answer:

Show us some examples of what you have come up with so far and we can offer advice if you are going in the right direction. And be a little more specific on what you are style you are going for. Otherwise it’s far too broad a question.

We willingly help and guide where we can but if you need one of our designers to create something for you, please make use of our Classifieds section. :slight_smile:

change the white to blue, red and green and make more smiles with fluffy hair, and you are good to go to print!
great job!

Make the logo bigger.

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It’s me or there is nothing attached to your post?

Absolutely nothing.

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I was looking for something that shows what he is struggling with! Maybe it he’ll show that after one of us says YES, I’ll help you! ^^

i just typed what i was told to improve or change these past 30 years
i have not seen anything yet as well

That’s why I wrote what I wrote :wink:

Can I nominate this as one of the most vague requests of the year? :joy:

Omg! I don’t even know where to the start replying from, it’s actually my bad, lesson learnt wouldn’t make such mistake anymore.

Below are some of the project I’m working on.

Yeah you’re right, that’s part of my job. But sometimes a direction from someone might birth you a better concept.


Why are you splitting the word Alumni in that fashion? It isn’t grammatically correct to begin with and just does not read correctly.

The top one, always be aware of text and curves. The curves have to match optically even if they don’t mathematically. Yours are off so the word alumni seems to be skewed.

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Furthermore, the stacked “Alumni” looks off optically. This is where your designer role comes in.

The one with the orange background: Whatever muddy elements you wanted to convey simply gives the impression of a careless mistake.

Cool learning!

Sometimes I wonder if we’re just chatting with bots. :thinking:

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Very useful comand.


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