How can i order a graphic design?

I’m new here and I have no idea how to use this website but my mom loves one of your logos! She wants to know how to contact that person who created it so she can buy a copy of it with different colors and/or ask question! Please and Thank You!

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Welcome Aboard! :slight_smile:

I doubt you will be able to find the original artist. That site closed down a few years ago. Then the old GDF sold it off. It was one of many side hustles a media group had going and was one part of a corporate jigsaw puzzle. It all changed hands many times. They finally shut everything down. The GDF forum that you see now is thanks to our new benefactor, Iraszl . He was able to save the domains. However the content was either lost or we were barred from transferring.

All you can do is try searching the web. I looked a bit but, it all leads back to dead ends on Pinterest.

If you really wanted something similar, there are many Graphic Designers right here who could create something just for your Mom’s needs.

If you would like to take that route, feel free to post an ad in the classifieds to hire someone.

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