How to fix sitemap issues?

Hi Friends,

I have created a website in HTML PHP But When I checked its sitemap, It showing Error ?

How to Fix this issue?

Please help.


What error it’s showing up ? Will you please mention it here.

Things I have done to improve SiteMap presence.

  1. Footer link to Sitemap.xml
  2. Footer link to Sitemap.html
  3. Make sure it is discoverable in your .htaccess (if you have one)
  4. Make sure your robots.txt is appropriately configured
  5. Submit your sitemap for indexing into the Google Webmaster Console
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Do you use WordPress or another CMS? I think you do it because you use a generator. Try another plugin - my recommendation: Yoast SEO. Otherwise simply disable plugin and then activate it again. Important: Make a backup before you start. In the end, your page map would have to look something like it does by, as it is under /sitemap_index.xml ( They have created it also with the plugin from Yoast SEO.

    This error means that your sitemap couldn’t be processed by Google because it couldn’t be uncompressed. This is common for compressed sitemaps that are submitted in an archive file like .zip.

THE SOLUTION: To fix this, review the sitemap and compress it one more time. Upload the new archive file and proceed to resubmit to the Webmaster Tools.

    You are likely to encounter this error if the sitemap submitted is empty. Improper tagging of URLs in the sitemap might also lead to this error because the Google bots cannot detect the information in the format.

THE SOLUTION: Start by checking the sitemap just to ascertain that indeed it is not empty. Ensure that the URLs are properly tagged. This information is available on the sitemaps guidelines, which you must read and understand before you even think about creating sitemaps.

    This simply means that the sitemap couldn’t be processed or the bots came across some HTTP error that is not really critical especially when trying to have the sitemap downloaded. Note that some errors like 404 are critical but others might just show temporary errors like server problems.

THE SOLUTION: Confirm is indeed the specified sitemap URL is accurate and is available at the location indicated. Once you are sure, simply resubmit the sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.

    A namespace is an assortment of names that can be used as elements and attributes in an XML file. When you specify the namespace in an XML file, you are simply telling Google what kind of data contained in the sitemap plus their respective tags.

THE SOLUTION: Give the sitemap a second look and ensure that the namespace is specified correctly. Once convinced that all is well, resubmit the sitemap.

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