How to identify the issues - If keywords dropped ranking

I have done On-page SEO for a website (with including Title, mega tags, meta description) and after that I am creating backlinks along with the focused keyword for a long time. For a time there was an increment in the ranking of some keywords, but since last four weeks the ranking has dropped.

I am unable to identify how should I improve the ranking for those keywords.

Could anyone suggest me how Can I identify the issues ?

Maybe you overdid the SEO and now Google caught on that you’re trying to manipulate the system and started banning you.

Have you read this?


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You should check up whether back-links are lost not. You will also inquire if someone has

created back-links for your site with very newly built websites that have no domain authority.

Also examine if you’ve done spams giving so many posts. In cases, you should transfer your domain name to a new one and then start doing SEO.

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…and you might want to read this:

Hi, you have all thing right in on-page activities but in off-page, you have maintained the PA & DA when you creating backlinks. Finally, you have to do off-page SEO daily and SMO posts daily 2 posts. then check the results. Check our results from the past 2 months we started to achieve these results our website - learnthenew

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Make Quality Back-links for you Website according to your niche and also read the google guideline to improve your website.

Is this really works ?

and I will check about backlinks.