# How to Present for the Future: UI/UX Trends

It’s 2023 and UI/UX trends are constantly changing. As a UI/UX designer, you know that the future is bright – but what does it look like? Read this blog post to find out what UI/UX design will be in future!
This blog post will talk about UI/UX trends in 2023 and what they may look like. UI/UX design has changed over the years from being very desktop-oriented to focusing more on mobile devices, which are now used by 82% of people during their daily activities (Nielsen). Designers have learned a lot since then, and UI is shaping up for some exciting changes!

In 2023, UI designers should expect that technology will change how we interact with interfaces: artificial intelligence will become much more prevalent; there’s less need for hardware keyboards with voice recognition becoming standard; gestural interaction replaces touchscreen interactions – many products use these gestures without relying only on touchscreens; augmented reality takes off as it becomes easier to develop and is more widely available.

For UI designers in 2023, there will be a lot of new challenges to face as we move away from computers towards interfaces that are more natural for humans. Designers should expect the need for interface design tools to change quickly so they can keep up with these changes. UI/UX trends over the next decade will continue to target creating better products and experiences through simplicity – prioritizing what’s necessary rather than adding features just because they’re possible (Nielsen).

Designing UIs for 2023 isn’t easy but it’ll be worth your effort! To help you out, here are some UI kits to get you started on designing UI layouts:

– Bootstrap UI Kit

– Material UI UI Kit

– UI Design Examples

– UI Design Inspiration

UI/UX design trends can be difficult to keep up with. UI/UX designers are on the front line of tech and cultural change, constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new ways to present content. They’re able to find creative solutions in tight deadlines – a skill that’s crucial for all UI/UX professionals today.

– One trend is for using more vibrant colors than we have seen before in UI designs as well as brighter backgrounds, although this often results in an increase in eyestrain from users. Some UI designers also use negative space (empty sections) around key elements or words so they stand out against the rest of the page layout.
A good UI designer should always consider both trends to create something useful and pleasurable for their user.

– UI/UX design trends are constantly changing. It’s important to take the time to read up on what other designers are creating, and keep an eye out for new UI/UX trends in your work so you can stay ahead of the game!


As UI/UX Designers it is our responsibility to understand both UI Trends while still considering UX impacts when designing a product that will end up being used by real people like yourself or me.

If you are following trends, then you’re behind the game. Identify the trends then take the next step beyond. Lead, don’t follow.

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Did you write this? If so, why are you predicting trends for 2023 when the year is nearly two-thirds over?

Whatever the case, I disagree in part with some of it.

Whenever someone mentions keeping up with design trends, I cringe. Designers should do what works best for their clients, which doesn’t usually involve trendiness. In addition, designers should be ahead of any meaningful trends, not lagging behind and copying others.

Voice, gestures, and augmented reality will not become the standard in 2023 (or 2024, if ever). Instead, they’re slowly becoming options that some people will use some of the time for some things. They’re not set to replace anything in the near future.

Getting a spamalicious vibe with this and the “porfolio” link :wink: