I would like to order a designer to create something for my Mom please!`

Hello! I am looking for a quote for the following two designs at the bottom: I was wondering how much it would cost to order two designs specified to my needs off of these pictures!

The first photo of the children, I would like 5 kids in a row, 3 brown (as in mexican kids, so any shades of brown ), 1 black and 1 white. I like the way these kids look, so please use the same colors from their outfits! The logo of the tree, I would like to match the color of the kids outfits, so that they go together! The logo will say The Learning Tree and the slogan underneath will sat Guardería de Inmersíon en Inglés. These will be used for shirts, the building, and social media! Please and Thank You!

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@monroyreesey You did not leave an email where you can be contacted. Please pm it to me and I will edit your posting.


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