LOGO Makeover - Redesign &/or Rebranding Challenge

Hello everyone, I’d like to hear your opinion for this logo makeover.
I challenged my boss (it’s a family business and we bought and own this logo design for the past 30 years) that I can find a better design(er) for the company logo, below, specialized in Hotel & Tableware supply…


Please help me win this bet and most importantly, get a successful company logo !
With my best regards and many thanks for your cooperation.

Wishing y’all a great day.

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Yes, your company definitely needs a new logo, but I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. No one here will create one for you for free if that’s what you’re asking.

It would help if you clarified your question. It might also help to mention your country and what your company’s international dealing involve. This could help people here make a few suggestions.


Your Company definitely requires new logo or redesign that existing Logo. If you are interested, we will design a logo for your business.


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Thanks for your reply & consideration.

Indeed, what we want is a new logo.

I gladly would consider paying, as long as the price is reasonable .

We have a very low marketing budget due to tight cash flow , that’s why I tried my luck with challenging your website …

We are a hospitality equipement supplier (tableware, dinnerware, glassware, kitchenware…) based in Morocco. We specialize in distribution of international hotelware brands (such as Riedel, Tunisie porcelaine, APS…) in the moroccan kingdom, mainly.

In other words, we are a human scale, family run company, that buys and sell products for hotels, cafés, restaurants, catering establishments… in Morocco. :slight_smile:

Please let me know.


If you are dealing with Riedel, you are not dealing with the budget end of the market. Currently your logo looks very budget. I would perhaps consider even tweaking the name a bit too, in terms of rebuilding your brand. International dealer could be anything! At least consider a strap-line to quantify your core business. Happy to help, but I think it needs more than a sticking plaster approach. My best guess is you may need a pretty core brand overhaul. I had a quick look at your site too. Very generic. Not designed by a designer. Definitely does not tell the story of what you do or how you do it. The MS word aesthetic. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I see it day after day, businesses who brand and communication is hindering their growth.

If you’re trying to hire someone to create a logo, please consider making a separate post in the classified section of the forum. If you do so, please include an email address in your post so people can contact you offline.

Thanks for the additional information, by the way. It helps. Like Sprout above, I also looked up your website to get a better idea of your company. Here’s a link to it: http://www.internationaldealer.ma/

Your logo on the website does not include the typography you included in your post. Did you add that to the logo for some reason? It’s not a typeface with the personality you need, so I’d suggest not using it.

The logo is one problem, but a logo is really just one piece of a company’s branding. If all you do is get a new logo to replace the one you have while keeping everything else the same, it will not help all that much — if at all. I completely agree with what Sprout said: you need a complete visual brand overhaul with a Moroccan look that suggests the high quality, great service and professionalism of a company that’s well-suited to the products you sell and the the hotels and restaurants that are your customers.

The downside, of course, is that this would not be inexpensive to do the right way. If all you’re looking for, however, is a cheap logo that looks OK, there are plenty of crowdsourcing sites that will design some for you to choose from. Like I said, though, your company’s branding needs much more than just a new logo, which seems a bit like looking for new bumper sticker for a old automobile and believing it will fix things.

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Well received and thank you for your reply. Your feedback is really appreciated.

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Thank you for this email, I really appreciate it.

Wishing you a lovely and restful summer season ahead.


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