Looking for a Graphic Designer

Hello there everyone!

I am honestly not sure if this is the right thread, it it is the wrong. I am sorry Moderators.

I’m looking for a Graphic Designer for twitter making me Giveaway pictures, a Twitter Logo and a Twitter header such as various other graphics needed for twitter advertisement.
The payment will be discussed in private as it is not allowed here (it’ll be good).

I’m starting up a online business and i am looking for an EXPERIENCED Designer, anyone can hit me up to discuss. Reply to this thread with your portfolio or previous work and i’ll get back to you!

Best Regards and thank you for reading.

Skype: zlenkcsgobusiness@outlook.de
email: contact@vgoblocks.com

Thomas Johnson

No commentary in the classifieds… please contact the OP directly through their email if you have something to say.

Thank you :kissing_heart:

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