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I have a site that I am leading a small team of people on at the moment. We’re running into problems due to the fact that none of us are very skilled with any sort of graphical design, or aesthetic sense. While we can code elements in JS, write classes in PHP, and load data in and out of our SQL database, we are REALLY struggling to get the appearance of the site to look good. I’m at the point where I’d like to seek some help and see if someone might be able to give us some assistance but I’m constantly running into a wall, due to the sites intended final use once it’s out of development.

The site is eventually going to host content of an erotic nature, and as that may not be something that many people want in their portfolio, I’ve been running into problems getting any assistance from many of companies I speak to. Usually I ask for a quote, explain the nature and parameter of the problems, and then get turned down due to the content.

The testing / dev environment will be of a PG nature. We can test the elements of the site without the requirement of having full live data.

If you happen to feel up to the challenge and are interested I’d be very interested in speaking with someone about this. This is also something that is a paid opportunity, for those who dare try.

Thank you for your time.

I’m moving this to the classified section where these kinds of paid opportunities need to go.

Please add your contact information so you can continue this discussion off the main site. An email address will do just fine.

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Thank you, sorry, I wasn’t sure where I should post this at. Actually I’m having trouble editing the original post. My contact info is:


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