Need A Logo made for a motivational clothing idea!


I want to try my hand at shopify, dropshipping…and I want it to be centered motivational clothing(tshirts, hoodies etc). I want a logo designed for this. It would be called: motivately

The designs i envisioned are hip and modern…so i don’t want design with a bulb etc…
If you are good at letting that would be dope.

Let me know if you can help me to create a dope design/lettering for motivately…
Also, it would be cool if you had a portfolio with a few of your designs i can see…


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Rory please add the email you want contact through. We don’t allow discussion here in the Classifieds. This will auto close shortly and you won’t be able to respond. If this is closed before you can respond, message your email to me and I will add it.


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My Email is:



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I have an e-mail coming your way from Mike (me) with portfolio link

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