New Greeting Card and Stationary Company

boomrng is a new app based greeting card and stationary company focused on making gift giving as simple as 3 clicks on a phone. We are currently in the last phase before a launch and we are searching for designers or artists that are willing to submit work that can be used on the front or back of the greeting cards in the pre-launch.

In the future, this process will be done through our site in a profile section where the individual can set up their own design page with approved work. Currently we are working with a commission pay model for any artist that does have designs that are bought. Now you may ask why would you inquire now vs waiting till the app is fully running with the profile section.

The benefits of being apart of this phase is automatically becoming one of the featured artist after full launch. Also since its so early and we are trying create the right feel for the cards, there are more opportunities for collaboration at other rates besides the standard commission going forward.

If you are interested and believe your talents can be used in this medium please contact me at (brian_buckley @boomrng .us ) <-- It said I couldn’t add links but put that together for my email address.

Looking forwarded to working with you talented people!

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