New Startup business needs Logo Design and other work - website, brochures, etc

Hi folks

I have a new startup business, it is technology and corona virus related and is a ‘spin off’ from an existing well established business.

I have a good domain and brand name, I am looking for some experienced designers to help me with various aspects of this project

Initially I need a logo - probably the most important single aspect for any business yes?

Shortly i will be needing website design, brochure design and various other items (business cards, leaflets, window stickers etc). I need to create a powerful and memorable company identity that is consistent across all our marketing material.

Prospective clients will be governmental, large corporate, and small to medium businesses in the tourism leisure and retail sector.

I am based in Spain but prospective clients are likely to speak either Spanish, English or one of the Nordic languages. Anyone who is fluent in Spanish and English in particular may have an advantage when it comes to promotional material and website design…

Obviously for the logo and branding side language is not relevant.

Time is of the essence, I need to get this business up and running quickly - I am aiming for end of May if possible.

You can contact me at

PS to mods - I can’t post my email address as it says ‘new users can’t put links in posts’. Does that not defeat the object of advertising in the classified section?

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They way you wrote it was fine. It’s a protection mechanism for the Forum otherwise we get massive amounts of spam. We also fix things as needed :wink:

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