Posting directly on clients Facebook?

Yes, Mojo that is correct.

I’m assuming you are both in the US, but if you are required to use an intermediary bank app, then maybe not?

You’re pulling at a lot of threads and it’s difficult to follow. What type of worker are you… a W2 employee, a 1099 contractor, an unpaid intern, paid intern, a volunteer, a student? Do you receive tax documents at the end of the year? Do your parents still have the documents from your enrollment in the program? Did your status change while you were in the program? Like did you go from student to employee?

I’m in Canada,
I’m not documented as anything.
My parents pay her for “employment training”
out of their account, and she has me do free
marketing for her as part of her training, and then my parents
remove the money from my bank account to pay her…
it’s BS…I earn negative money…

I really don’t think you have anything to worry about. You’re a student in a training program and you’re following the training. If someone is going to get sued, it might be your trainer, but I don’t see any obvious wrongdoing in anything you’ve mentioned here. And it certainly won’t be you as a student who gets sued.

I’ve taught graphic design students with autism before, and it was difficult getting them to focus on the job at hand. It’s very easy for them to get distracted, and then side-tracked on to non-issues. They fixate on something irrelevant and then the projects don’t get done. Then at the end of the semester I had to evaluate someone who turned in a fraction of the required work. In school, not turning in some work might bump your overall grade down a notch or two, but in a job, that will get you fired. It seems like that might be what happened here.

I’ve done work for a job training program and am somewhat familiar with what they do. Most likely, she took you on because she expected you would learn everything she needed you to so she could then hire you as a paid employee at some future date.

If you are doing production work in graphic design, you don’t necessarily need to be creative or innovative, but it’s important to follow instructions, be thorough, be organized, hit your deadlines, crank out your work, and be ready for the next assignment. It’s an assembly line. If you do things that slow down production, like withholding work, you should expect to get fired. If she is not giving you as much work it means you doesn’t trust you to get it done. If she is taking projects away from you and giving it to her daughter to finish, it means your performance is substandard. I mean, your parents were PAYING her, and she decided it wasn’t worth it. That should be sobering to you.

You bring up all these irrelevant issues, and they just don’t matter. You have to find ways to focus on the work. Get. Work. Done. That’s how you find and keep a job.

sigh… you’re not understanding me…and it’s so frustrating…
can someone post a complex poster design layout and I will
demonstrate the scam in action.

From reading all the comments on this post, I think everyone is trying their best to understand what you’re trying to tell us and some are giving very good feedback and points. I really don’t think you have anything to worry about in regards to being sued or liability, unless you’re using copyrighted stuff, then that is on you. I’m not sure why you want someone to post their work, but it might be easier if you just post your own thing to try and show what you want to show.