Required Tool for create CSV files for eBay

I need a tool /software for create CSV flat files for my eBay and Etsy stores.

CSV file that is flat? CSV is comma separated text isn’t it? It’s just a text file.
What format are you starting with?
Set it up in Excel and save as CSV.

Couldn’t she just do it in TextEdit?

Possibly. I suppose you could also batch find/replace spaces with commas…
but Excel puts the correct spacing in automatically.
Dunno how well it works with Ebay etc. I only use it when I’m converting things to go into excel. Don’t ask. It incurs additional bonehead tax when it happens. :slight_smile:

I’m hesitant to answer questions that take me longer to write than the author spent posing the question.

Anyway, if you sell things on either platform, you can download sales data already preformatted in CSV.

I think they are more looking at input rather than output.
Like Item number, product name, product description, price.
But I could be wrong. Like you say, they’re rather vague.