Seeking FT graphics designer for university job

I work for a large university in the science and engineering college. We are looking for a skilled graphics designer who can support our instructional design team. We need someone who can support some marketing efforts (i.e. logos, print, video, etc.) but who will primarily focus on helping faculty and scientists translate complex ideas into visuals for educational purposes. This will usually include the development of diagrams, flow charts (more than just boxes and lines), and graphics that show conceptual relationships. This will also include sourcing photos and videos that can support our instructional messaging. You will work with a team of scientists, researchers, faculty, lecturers, web-developers and instructional designers to help create exciting educational content.

We have a dynamic group and working environment. Perfect for the “geek-artist.” Adobe CS is required. This position does not require scientific background, but would benefit from someone with an interest in computer sciences, cybersecurity, human behavior, and/or advanced manufacturing. This is a great long-term career path for someone with an interest. Remote work is possible. Some travel may be required. The position is based in the South East.

Lots of great talent on this forum. Would love to find a good fit.

Please email your resume and a few samples of work to:
ms1725470@ at gmail dot com

If you seem like a possible fit, we will reach back out to you via the University.

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