Shark clipart for grandkid project

I am playing with the grandkids making stop motion videos. We have the basics working. Now I need help with one short term and one long term problem.

The short-term problem is I need 2-3 pictures of a shark with its mouth wide (a) open, (b) half closed, and (c) completely closed. I want to make a movie of it swimming up to and eating a smaller fish. I checked for clipart, but most of the fish are not good side views and there are not multiple views of the same shark but with its mouth in different openness. Something like this would be great.


If someone here could make a set and upload them, I’d be grateful.

The long-term problem is choosing a graphics app that is fairly easy and doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars.

Thanks for any help.

You didn’t mention paying for what you’re asking someone to do. The forum rules prohibit asking for free work.

That was a typo. I meant to say “playing”. I just fixed it.

Maybe you misunderstood. I wasn’t commenting on the typo.

I was reminding you that the forum rules don’t allow asking for free work — even for someone playing with grandkids. Can you verify that you’re willing to pay someone for what you’re asking. If not, I’m sorry, but I’ll need to remove your post.

this work?

or this?

Or for $1.65 here you go:
Shark Sprite sheet

I have no idea what that is or how it works, but it fits what you’re looking for. Not my fault if the download is a bad thing.

OK, forget the request. I just tried to edit it again, but apparently, it’s too late. If you like, you can edit it to remove that lone and/or replace it with this: If someone can point me to a source of images like this, I’d be grateful.

It would be great if it were sideways, but thanks for the pointer.

Check the last one I posted.
I’m not familiar with the resource so proceed there at your own risk.

Those are excellent, thanks

Thanks for that. I was able to use the previous link to make the first little video. We’ll see if the kids take to it.

This worked out pretty well for a first try.