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Can anyone share signage, or vehicle graphics designing and software? Basically, I am a graphics designer and want to start my own signage company. What you will say about this.

To start one’s own business, one must have full knowledge of skills, assets, business administration, and so on.

… Why did you ask?

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Are you based in Dundee. Scotland?

So you want to start your own business but your looking for free software? How’s that work?

I think they’re asking for software recommendations.

I think they should go work in a sign/print shop for about 10 years. Then they will be ready, maybe, to do this on their own.

Maybe that troll contest has started up again?
Cuz no one is this clueless.

If you don’t even know what software to use, you’re not prepared to start up a sign company. Your question is a bit like someone wanting to start a construction company and asking what tools are needed to pound in nails and cut boards.

There’s another problem too. You’ve listed a UK email address in your profile, but I don’t think you’re in the UK. This whole thing reeks of a someone pretending to be something that he is not.

troll game

… and this is a forum for graphic designers.

Not all.
Some of us here do make signs… :slight_smile:

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