Social Media Design

I am Prince a Graphic Designer. My comfort zone in design is Social Media Design.
Social media is used all over the world and there are so many posts every day. For business and so others, financial works are based online nowadays. So, social media post is so important for grow a business and attract potential customers for that business. That’s why attractive and creative social media design is so much important.
I share my Portfolio briefly here below

This profile is devoted to graphic design that specializes in Social media design and advertisements such as post design, poster design, and banner design.

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“My head hurts”

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I direct you to our Forum Rules. Please familiarize yourself with them. One of the number one rules is you are not allowed to promote yourself. Everyone here is a professional, so there is no one to sell your goods to :wink:

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Sorry for that. I posted first time here. I promise next time I will post according to those rules.

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Good deal :slight_smile:

All your work is very nice, but I’m unsure how it specifically relates to social media. Each of your designs is square, but not everything in social media fits those dimensions.

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Yes, I just do it square size . I do a couple of designs with other dimensions

Good Job. Keep working on it… best of luck.

thanks @zwilliam

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