Twitter or Instagram

If you had to choose, ONE, which would it be?
Twitter or Instagram?

I don’t really have anything helpful, but for what it’s worth, I never took to Instagram. I’m sure I could find plenty there of interest if I had the time to spend on it, but my Twitter feed gives me the kind of quick-hit laughs and entertainment that will keep me going back there instead.

It kind of depends on the context of your question; if it’s “what can I get from it?” see above; if it’s “what can I use it for?” uhh, I dunno.

I have an Instagram account; I do not have a Twitter account. So the choice is pretty easy for me. That said, IG has been loosing its charm for some time, and I could do away with it and be pretty content. The only reason I don’t do away with it is that I’d like to start selling prints of my images, and IG is a good marketing tool for photographers.

Personally, I don’t have much use for either. Instagram is pretty much just shooting a photo with one’s phone, then adding a caption to it. Twitter doesn’t allow enough words to express or read much of a thought on anything. I have a personal account for both, but rarely use them. I manage some social media accounts for others, though, and use them quite a bit there. Professionally, they’re both useful to engage target audiences who do use them.

«Blank stares»

I live in a cave.

Yeah Eriskay, I live in a cave too. I don’t have either, either. Nor Facebook.
This is a personal use thing. I got sucked into being a Patreon patron (don’t ask) and part of the perks involves one or the other of those two platforms. Nothing globally earth shattering. Leaning towards IG as that seems to be the easiest to disentangle from later when I lose interest. Just wondering what others thought.

I have both. I use Instagram more. I love just looking through great images and there is not a ton of interaction. I need that occasionally :wink:

I also go to Twitter if I need to find something out quickly or to get a laugh on the latest debacle in whatever genre. Folks are pretty dang funny over there. However I can’t go too often because it’s saturated in Politics. And it just gets too much. Regardless of where your leanings go toward … no one, from any side, shuts up … ever. But, as I said if I need something specific, it’s great :slight_smile:

Depends on where your audience is. They may or may not be on one of them, or they could be on both. I know from experience that if you’re just a little bit here and a little bit there, it doesn’t help as much as going all in on one of them.

My reply was assuming you meant for business, but, obviously, it could be for leisure too.

LOL, so I just tried to make an Instacrap account and couldn’t get past the Enter Your Birthday page. The months stop at June, the date stops at the the 9th and the year stops at 2001…
Just too old and born too late in the year I guess… though I suppose I could make my birthday June 9, 2001 and still get past their age requirement. But it seems a dumb glitch for such a widely used site. No it won’t let me swipe enter dates. It’s dropdowns.
And it took me nearly an hour to find a username that wasn’t taken too.

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That’s strange … just has to be a glitch … it took my birthdate no problem and it’s wellllllll before 2001 lol :wink:

Sometimes I wonder if my internet challenges aren’t just specifically targeted at me because I like to mess with them. You know, doing random google searches, filling shopping carts with crap then leaving a site, only allowing some ads through my adblocker on certain sites, then randomly changing it up. It’s a small thing, but if everyone did it…maybe demographics wouldn’t be such a big thing.

I’ll try IG again tonight. The problem after the birthday thing was an (operator) error that cleared all the info I had typed in and I wasn’t going to do it all again. Besides the Patreon Creator decided to suspend interaction this month in order not to detract/distract from the current events, so I have a good long month now to figure it out.

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By the way that random search thing has backfired a few times. Like right now I’m getting ads for women’s lingerie on this site. At work. LOL.

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Ool la la ! :smiley:

I wish the entire demographic crap would disappear from the ad world. But, I know that’s a ridiculous thought. I’m just tired of looking up a chicken recipe and the search data being put out to the the universe that I now want to see everything chicken for the next 50 ads. All in hopes I buy something. It will range from real chicken to chicken salt and pepper shakers … chicken dish clothes … chicken shower curtains … chicken crackers … chicken flavored cat treats :smiley:

That was just an example … but be rest assured I’ll get them now :wink:

Have you tried using Duck Duck Go as your search engine?

Yeah, I know about DDG. At work it unfortunately isn’t as good at returning results on things I’m looking for. I do look for some pretty strange things sometimes here.

I’ve had the same experience with DuckDuckGo — the results just aren’t as complete as with Google (or Bing, for that matter). I always found myself doing another search using Google just to make sure DuckDuckGo hadn’t missed something.

Whichever browser I’m using, I always turn on the Do Not Track option in the browser preferences. Doing that seems to remove most of the problem with ads following me around the internet.

I use both Twitter and Instagram, but If it comes to choosing one of them I’ll go with Instagram as it got a lot of creative content, and it’s also an easy tool to engage with others.

I also use both, but Instagram is for looking through images and finding out how my friends spend their time, also for looking for some stuff. Twitter is for news and fun. But if I have to choose only one, I vote for Instagram.

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