Where are designers posting portfolios these days?

I have been doing freelance for a bit now and haven’t updated my portfolio in a while. It’s time. Where are people posting their portfolios online now? Or are most of you using your own website? If that latter is the case, do you showcase it somewhere?

I use my own website and I’d venture to guess that most others do the same.

Besides it being a link at the bottom of my LinkedIn profile I do not showcase it anywhere. Determining where to showcase it would depend on what type of clients you are after. If your niche is YouTubers and Streamers then there are a plethora of social media outlets to showcase on. Also I see a lot of people on Reddit and Behance showcasing their portfolios, but most of the time that results in designers advertising to designers.

You could also go the “guru” route and make a bunch of blog posts to come off as a pro in the industry. This is a major trend in many different industries right now. I see these self proclaimed gurus posting about business advice, marketing tactics, design trends, you name it. I’ve always wondered if these LinkedIn gurus really make as much money as they portray themselves to make.

Every single designer I’ve worked with has their own site. At least I cannot think of a single one that came off a social website. They may have peripheral links in various places. Most also have a Facebook presence and at least a bio on LinkedIn.

Though having attempted to deal with LinkedIn Support regarding fake accounts using my email, I’m not sure what the attraction is to that platform.

I have my own site hosted on Wordpress. I used to post to Behance but haven’t updated it in years.

I use Zenfolio.com as a portfolio site. It’s intended for photographers, but also works great for design portfolios.

Lots of features included.

I have my own site.

Whether you have your own site or you use some sort of an aggregate site, the question is what are you doing to get people to see your book?

I use https://carbonmade.com/. Was pretty quick and simple to use and it’s free.

According to me the best online profile one should have in Linkedin because it can used for your personal purpose for your career and als you can gain knowledge on any topic from there.

If you’re an Adobe CC member, you can use portfolio.adobe.com. There is also behance.net if you’re into the social aspect of sharing your work.

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