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Hello, all I would Like to add my Online Portfolio which is very unique where it holds combination of many types of designs like logo design, brand design, Digital printing design and so. https://whiteandblack.in/our-work/


Hey you have some nice work.

I have a question for you, is most of your work just for fun? For example, I’m assuming your Chicago Bulls logo re-design was just for fun. I ask this because it looks like you put a considerable amount of time and effort into that project, as well as other projects. Why put so much effort into a project that is just for fun?

I don’t mean any offense by my question, I just think that someone at your level would not engage in such a project as you would be busy with paid projects, or projects that will lead to getting a job.

Again I mean no offense by this, just generally curious. Others have given me the advice to do hobbyist type designs to broaden my portfolio, but in my experience most companies/people don’t care about hobby projects.


Hi, I’m happy that you asked this question, no worries I take no offense from it :slight_smile:
Well, Graphic Design has been and always will be a hobby for me, I’m doing it for passion or else I wouldn’t even bother myself taking it as a career.
I have nearly 3 years of experience and I’m doing multiple projects to improve my skills and to enjoy what I’m doing.
I do actually have previous jobs and internships for several local and international companies and also from people’s requests, but I didn’t post all of them in my portfolio because they are typical print designs such as flyers, credit cards, etc… I only want to post projects that I made with love and passion, works that will show my actual abilities and skills.
There’s a lot to come as I have many ideas that hopefully will lead me to my biggest goal… Adidas

Thanks again for your question :slight_smile: and if there’s any tip you would like to give it to me that would very nice :blush: thanks <3


I used to design my own portfolio site but it was too labor intensive to update regularly. Now I use squarespace and love the simplicity of it. Corresponding app for portfolio on iPad is a nice touch. www.kailieholt.com

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I’m photographer and photo editor. You can view my edited photos on Behance, Instagram and Pinetest.

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Hello, I am a Freelance Web Developer. I am skilled in PHP , WordPress development.

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sweeeet! Love all the work I’m seeing!

Mine is here at www.alexanderfrankdesigns.com

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I am a newbie here is mine - www.jaredmcmurrich.myportfolio.com

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I am just starting out. My profile is at danielsisk.design

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Hello everyone, I’m new here :slight_smile:
Here’s the link to my portfolio


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Well, it depends what kind of portfolio you are actually talking about. I’ve been on internet since 2007 and I have posted a dozen of portfolios with random skills and expertise. However, SignsNY has my best portfolio.

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I am glad to join :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m a graphic designer and I have a website called ******. It provides handpicked quality graphic design resources. It is inspired from the isometric design trend and it go on in the same note in the future.

**** REMINDER ****

This is a thread to post your PORTFOLIO!. Not your advertising links. They will be removed and you will be barred from posting again.

We have made an addition to this thread and added it to the first post.

I’m posting again here to drive the point home. We don’t want to be hard asses gang. But, this thread is starting to be a spam magnet and more dodgy sites are being posted. . So here are a few guidelines. If your link is removed. You know why.
Thanks for understanding.

We need to clarify the portfolio thread:

1. It’s for individual portfolios of previous work. Not work current for sale.
2. No business links.
3. No crowd sourcing or logo mill sites.

This is a place to show off your previous work. Nothing more.
This is not a place to hawk your wares. That is spam and it won’t be allowed. We also don’t allow crowd sourcing sites as they promote unethical practices. They are filled with spec work and the lack of compensation is staggering.


um, Linked-In. I’m a bad artist.

Hi. I’m a graphic designer and I have a website. It provides handpicked quality graphic design, wedding card design, interior and product Design more. Visit My Portfolio:- https://www.behance.net/DesignDimensions/

Mines on my website. www.andaleehyatt.com I haven’t used Behance yet. Should I? Has anyone gotten work from Behance? I probably should start a portfolio there.

I’ve gotten work from Behance exactly once that I know of. It was sort of unusual.

After being contacted and doing a little research on this new potential client (like I always do), I found a bunch of news stories about him and how he had just been released from prison for setting up an illegal online gambling operation in Costa Rica. There had even been a book written about it.

When I called him, I politely listened to what he was proposing before I casually mentioned that a little research told me that he had had an interesting past few years. We spent about the next half hour talking about how he and his buddies set up an online gambling operation in Central America, were raking in millions per week, and how the U.S. government has pressured Costa Rica into arresting him and turning him over to the FBI.

He finally said, that he understood that I had no reason to trust him. Then he offered to pay me in full before I even started on the design job he needed for setting up a new (legal) business. It turned out fine, but it was weird.

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