29-yr-old make $110,000 per year on 5r

Does anyone here believe this?

I’m not buying it.

https://au.linkedin.com/in/luke-giuffrida doesn’t mention his new found fame at all :wink:

I can’t find one single thing he has made. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Even his Instagram is sparse at best. And only with lavish travel shots, first class plane tickets and weed.



One of the proposed supplied photos is a stock image taken by a woman

I can’t find info or anything to do this with a person or his girlfriend.

I did see that one of the news feeds was supplied by Monetize Your Website On Our Content Discovery Platform | Taboola.com
So it seems like advertising.

The lack of info on this guy on the internet - it’s a spoof article. Paid for advertising by Fiverr.

He is on Pinterest - but no posts - and the photo doesn’t look like his girlfriend from the article.

All the articles I find are the exact same - supplied content, it must be.
And all the images are 8 hours on image searches. Except the one I found on the stock image site.

My verdict - FAKE!

To make £110,000 a year with a £5 logo would mean doing 22,000 logos a year.
Even for £100 it would be 1100 logos a year.
Even for £1000 it would be 110 logos a year.


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I’ve contacted the photographer on behance in relation to the image being used in the news article.



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On an unrelated note though:


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I had to go incognito to read it … I got the same thing. Unreal!

That’s what I was suspecting too. Slimy, dishonest advertising by a dishonest company in a dishonest tabloid known for running made-up stories.

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This reminds me of that commercial from the 80s. “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on tv.”

Lol!! 110,000 / $5 = 22,000 logos

That equates to:
423 logos per week
70 logos per day
2.5 logos per hour

This is very possible if you do not eat, sleep, or blink.

Anything is possible but Fiverr is…no place for us. I wrote a lengthy blog post about why not to use it and an alternative to it.

One more reason - if any were required - to avoid the MailOnline. Not a newspaper but a transparently sensationalist rumour mill with profit taking priority over truth, journalistic integrity and regard for human values whilst pushing a right-wing agenda. More than once the headline campaign pushing opposing sides of an argument in different regions of the UK simply to sell more newspapers. Scaremongering headlines day after day, year after year about illegal immigrants and the EU/Brexit with no basis in fact. Happy to promote scare stories on science and medical research, as long as it increases circulation. Supported the campaign against the MMR vaccine, resulting in thousands of children with life changing disabilities. Well-documented support for English fascists in the 1930s, Lord Rothermere, then owner was a friend of Hitler and Mussolini. Successfully sued for plagiarism and copyright infringement many times. In 2016 began a partnership with The People’s Daily, the official organ of the Chinese Communist Party, promoting the official line on what is going on in China.
Anyone who regards what they have read there as anything other than scurrilous fiction is a fool.

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It’s basically making money on clickbait and advertising.


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