30 creative word marks

I ran into the following today and thought I’d share it.


I love stuff like this :slight_smile:

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Defo seen that watch one before, i think a company already uses something similar. It is nice, but not as good as the others.

At first I said “meh” then I kept scrolling and I said “yeh!”

Seemed like such a gimmick but there are some very clever solutions in there.

A few make laugh out loud, that magic one had me giggling. But I don’t find them creative or clever. Just simple. And I suppose that could be classed as good. But is it oversimplified, I think it is.

snake looks cool :grinning:

newly joined and keep seeing the “leader” here :grinning:

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Welcome :smiley: … and if you see “Leader” it means, we are the Mod Staff :slight_smile:

Just-B, Kool, Buda and myself are always rambling around to assist. If you see iraszl … He owns the place :smiley:

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Oh! I see! I’ll keep an eye out for the guild leader.

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