32 inch monitor buying advice

Good morning.

I decided on buying the new mac mini m1 and now I’m researching for a monitor that suits my work, I quite like the 32" ones because they have a lot and shows more in one place, which one I should buy? Mind you I love to calibrate my screens. Budget is no more than 15k mexican pesos. Any advice?

I have an M1 mini and some important advice for you in choosing a monitor for this particular device. Something about the M1 mini won’t wake all monitors from sleep mode. For example, when waking the monitor (Huion pen display) I have at home, I need to turn it off and on to wake it, in addition to taping the keyboard to wake the computer. I love the mini but this is rather inconvenient. I occasionally work at a clients office and the monitor there wakes fine. Don’t recall what brand or make it is.

You might be able to do a search for this issue and maybe get a list of monitors that work. Or if whichever monitor you buy doesn’t wake up right away you should return it and try another.

Thanks for the tip!!! Will take that in account.

I have an LG Ultrafine 5K monitor (27-inch, I think). I like it a lot. I’m not using a Mac with an M1 chip, however. Personally, I’d rather have two desktop monitors — a larger one (similar to mine) and a smaller, cheaper one to sick all the Creative Cloud palettes.

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I would recommend a 5k screen and the LG Ultrafine range is a quality product. Having said that, my next studio machine will probably be an M1 Mac mini with a 35" Touchscreen. As far as I can discover, all my apps work ok on a touch screen but check this works for you.

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