3D Adobe illustrator

Hello guys, I have a problem. I’m trying to change the resolution of my 3D object, because from the moment that I rotated it , it lost its resolution and turned to pixels. I tried to change the resolution from low to high but it didn’t helped.
Any ideas? :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you post a screenshot?

You’re mixing terms a bit there, as “resolution” really only applies to pixels (so if a resolution-independent vector object ‘turned to pixels’ it actually gained resolution dependence).

But what you should know is that Illustrator’s 3D effects pretty much all result in a pixel-composed (raster) rendering, subject to the Raster Effects (resolution) setting in the New Document dialog. If your New Document started with Raster Effects at low resolution, 3D effects will be rendered at that low resolution, and you can’t really change it after the fact. To get high resolution 3D effects, you’d have to start over with a high resolution Raster Effects setting.

That’s my 3D object :slight_smile:

When you say it “turned to pixels”, do you mean that it’s become pixelated or blurry? If that’s the case, it could be that your object has a low polygon count, which can cause it to appear pixelated when viewed up close or rotated.

If that’s the case, you may want to try adding more polygons to the object to increase its resolution. You can do this using a modeling program like Blender or Maya. Alternatively, if your object is already high-poly and you’re still experiencing resolution issues, it could be an issue with your graphics settings or display.

Have you tried adjusting your graphics settings to see if that helps? Also, what program are you using to view the 3D object?

You can actually change the RES setting in Illustrator after the fact now. It used to be split on Filters and Effects, but they fixed that not too awful long ago. At least on applied effects like Drop Shadows and Glows (we have to check files for that for large format printing.) Dunno about 3D. Illustrator’s 3D generator sucks so bad, I don’t use it.