3D/candy/bubble/plastic app design

Hi yall designers. I’m iOS dev and I’m looking for an inspiration for chat app. I’m doing it for myself only. I want my app to be 3D, not flat, you know have curves and such.

I tried to google but I can’t find such design.
All designs are flat, I want it to be more bubbly, to pop up from screen to make it like it’s 3D. Where and how to fund such app?

You may need a time machine.

Hmm, why?

It is a trEnd that has Ended. Your design would appear dated.

Just kind of a smartass comment.

It was, oh, I dunno, maybe somewhere between 6 and 10 years ago that everything in graphics started to “flatten” out and become much, much less interesting, IMO. Eventually, the shadows, gradients reflections, and displacement maps that made 2D graphics look like “things” will creep back like all fashion cycles, but until then, any realization of your notion will be an odd duck.

Right. You’d have to go back in time, or perhaps forward; who knows how far? Hence my comment.

If you’re referring to so-called skeuomorphic design, where the buttons, borders, and other objects look like possible physical world counterparts, that style abruptly died from overuse several years ago.

If you’re referring to something else, possibly along the lines of the Figma template examples below, I don’t know of any chat apps that use this approach, but I suppose it’s doable. Compressing years of design experience into a paragraph or two that explains how to do it, isn’t possible.

I mean it’s just for me to design an app. I’m learning and I like that 3D look.
You guys are saying that flat is “in” nowadays?

Trends come, trends go, trends sometimes return.
Today, flat is in.
Tomorrow, I hope the internet implodes.

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