3d design project ideas?

I’m new to 3d design and I have to take a class on it, but I wanted to get a head start. Can you recommend some 3d design projects I could?

Once you can see like an artist and design like a designer, the most perilous bridge to true 3D design is learning the software. It can be cryptic, and you should expect a steep learning curve.

What software is used?

3d is just about the only field related to design where I’d place learning the software on equal footing with learning the kind of design made possible by it.

With graphic design, the tools are just that — tools to help implement what a designer envisions. With 3d, however, the technical limitations are so severe that the designer is forced to approach design from a direction that considers the current constraints of what the software is capable of doing. And as HotButton mentioned, the software is complicated to learn.

I don’t do 3d work myself, but some of my main clients are 3d technology companies that still need the kind of 2d design they can’t do themselves. 3d is an odd, ill-defined niche in the design world. It’s very diverse and encompasses everything from simulation software to motion graphics.

A lot depends on what you want to do with 3d design because that will determine which software to begin learning.

Are we certain 3D design means software?

When I was in school, 3D design meant a physical thing in the real world, with graphics on it. In fact it’s what my whole career has been. Constructed things, be they walls, exhibit cases, CNC’d scenery props or even carved zoo animals, all of them realized in the real world. All of them graphically decorated in some way.

Well, that’s a good question. :thinking:

when you mean 3d design, are you referring to modelling 3d stuffs?
when i learn about 3D and AR(Augmented reality), i mostly learn about 3d modelling softwares such as maya, blender and C4D.

Honestly, I don’t know because I’m new to 3d design don’t know anything about that area of graphic design .

i suggest to go on the web, instagram and youtube to look for inspirations and tutorials.

ask for your lecturer to clarify like what kind of 3d.

as for my advice, 3d could be interactive, motion, and games. there is a lot you can do

Wellll…what does the course description say?

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