3d door of my own design

I designed this door of my own try.It remains to convert it to 3d.I will post my door from different camera angles.door of my own aesthetics

Hi @alexandros8888 :slight_smile:

Are you looking for a critique? I only ask because this was posted in Off Topic.

What program are you using?

photoshop.Thank you for your reply because this way the discussion can be more specific.But Im not use only photoshop but also other 3d related programs.But Im not sure that you ask for this reason

Your lighting sources are all messed up.
and your wireframe indicate a really flat surface door rather than a 3D object.
Not to mention a mix of architectural features that appear to be used rather randomly.
For what purpose are you making this door?
If for your own viewing enjoyment, it’s perfect.
If for any sort of output production, figure out what that is first, then design to the medium.

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