3D Images?

So I’m a member of various laser engraving groups on FB. A number of members are engraving ‘3D’ images on tiles, canvases etc.

My question is how are these images made? Are they pure graphic art or are standard images, photographs even, manipulated in some way or another?
I have added a couple of photograph as a sample:

The top one looks like an illustration made specifically for engraving.
The bottom one is a hacked together probably from a photo of a reproduction of daVinci’s painting. I say a photo of a repro cuz it appears to have elements from several and they did a hack job on the table legs.

As you know, the trick for lasering grayscale imagery is all in getting the contrasts right.

Thanks for replying. Yeah I’m grappling with the greyscale engraving but if I could make my own images then it would be great.
I’m trying to figure out how to process a photograph to give the illusion of 3D when lasered, so if you have any tips that would be great!

I’d start with buying a few inexpensive images that are set up for your particular laser (wattage is important.) See how those engrave and see what the contrasts look like. You may have to do some dodging or burning to a grayscale photo if some things are engraving too deeply or not at all.

Check out Bas Relief 3D

Looks just what I need, thanks!

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