3D Rounded bevel effect in Illustrator

Hello! I am trying to create an effect in illustrator that reflects the attached - any suggestions? The 3D Bevel effect does not work as well as I’d like, and I could also do it in photoshop if needed.



Can you attach the image? Something didn’t seem to have worked as I can’t click the link, nor do I see an attachment.

Woops! Yes, sorry - here it is:


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You could do it in illustrator, and I’ve seen things like it done before. But this kind of shading and beveling becomes incredibly complicated. It’s probably better suited to Photsohop.


Also, when you do it in Illustrator you will have a very complex vector, which may cause problems in printing, so it’s best to avoid it and keep it simpler in bitmap (Photoshop).

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Thank you both, you are right - I ended up doing it in photoshop for a proof and that was pretty quick. Thank you!

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A “logo design software” that makes that kind of lettering should be taken out behind the woodshed and buried.
But I suppose it could be useful for non-logo work, as long as it outputs a usable (ie printable) file format.

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